Employee recognition Q3

The construction of highway D4 and expressway R7 reached its end in November 2021, but the construction of company´s home for the future 30 years of concession period, The Operation and Maintenance Centre in Vlcie Hrdlo, was still in progress until the end of the summer 2022.

Once the construction of Operation and Maintenance Centre was finished, it was a time to start furnishing the offices, kitchens, dining rooms, showers, etc. so the employees will have nice and cozy working environment to enjoy during the time spent at work. It is commonly known the person´s productivity is affected by workplace and the employees are more energetic if they are surrounded by ambient vibrations which create warm working atmosphere. In a busy office, like ours, where the operation and maintenance of the Project Road is running on its full speed and the employees are very busy fulfilling their daily tasks, so the road users can enjoy the highway in a safe way and get home to their families quicker, it was difficult to fit the relocation of the whole office to a different location. Thankfully, Zero Bypass Limited is lucky to have an employee who happily decided to create a positive impact on working environment for all her colleagues and took care of the moving and furnishing process of the whole O&M Centre.

In this way, the company would like to proudly recognize and thank Jarmila Filipova for all her help during the summer and September 2022, the effort she put into the Oral hearing process and moving from temporary office to permanent one and for organizing the warm welcome event so the employees could get to know one another better, not just on a work level, but the personal, too. We are glad that it will not be necessary to apply the saying: “I know I have one of those. It´s in the box somewhere!”

Thank you, Jarmila!

Zero Bypass Limited Team

Kitchen designed by Jarmila
Everybody knows how the
moving looks like, boxes everywhere!
Chairs are perfectly matching with the facade
Jarmila and her helpers
Operation and Maintenance Centre

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